Qi Gong in hospital has a curative function. There are regular interactions between the medical team and Thierry Sobrecases in order to discuss the sessions' contents as well as the progresses and possible difficulties encountered. At the end of each session, an assessment is done and passed on to the doctor.
People with an illness, a handicap or simply the elderly can benefit from Qi Gong. Through a series of soft, progressive and repeated gestures, blood circulation improves. Qi gong exercices can be static or dynamic, standing or sitting.

Movements are mainly circular or in torsion to stimulate the flow of energy (Qi). It can also be practised with the help of a small stick (called Taiji Che) allowing a better gesture concentration. Each sequence is executed bilaterally.

The  repetition of exercices helps maintaining concentration and memory. Movements in space train the sense of direction. Il also helps keeping the joints mobile and supple. Bearing postures reinforce the whole body balance. Dynamic and conscious breathing provides maximum oxygen, as well as energizing and relaxing the whole body.
The effects of the exercices are not limited to the body but spread to the mind as well, that is why if one gesture can't be done physically, the mind can take over and be as effective. Gestures aim at strengthening the whole body and preserving health, they folow specific energy pathways called meridians.

Qi gong is one of the 5 pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Acupuncture, massage (Tuina), herbal medicine, Chinese dietary and Qi Gong.

It is healing and well-being gymnastics.

Self-massages, acupressure, brushing and caressing stimulate different body zones generating deep relaxation and wellbeing as well as maintaining body consciousness.

Thierry Sobrecases is a qualified sport worker, specialised in energetic martial arts, he works with la Pitié- Salpétrière hospital in Paris in the endocrinology and nutrition department; as well as Georges Clémenceau hospital in the Parkinson's department in Champcueil and Manhes hospital in Fleury Mérogis. He also works with various retiring homes, in mental institutions and more specifically with drug addicts. His approach is professional and always adapted to his public.

He has crated a spécific training for Qi gong teachers who wish to specialize in Qi gong for people with reduced mobility.

Our aim to create, in Ile de France, a large network of teachers elther ready to integrate in their existing classes people with weight problems or open specific Qi gong groups. This network will be on line and open to general public. If you are interested, please contact Thierry Sobrecases...


00 33 6 71 92 73 99


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Movie France 5 TV Magasine " allo docteur" Qi Gong in hospital la Pitié-Salpetriere, Paris, Nutrition Departement

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